Live Sound Mixing in WNY Club area ($80.00 – $350.00)
Depending on location and the estimated time required.

All sessions are negotiated based on each project's needs and requirements. There are too many session variables to list here. As a guide, $20.00 per hour is the minimum. A typical session is 8-10 hours, with the exception of solo audition recordings and other scenarios that may only require an hour or two.

Typically, a deposit to reserve a session date is required at least one week in advance. The balance is due at the start of each session. You may cancel a project at any time with no obligation for future scheduled sessions. All deposits are returned unless the cancellation is on the day of the session.

Mixes will be provided as Red Book CDs or 24 Bit CDs for others to master and/or duplicate. Tracks are recorded into Cubase 6. With the exception of Cubase and a handful of plugins, tracking and mixing is analog.